Let trusted communities help you

It’s one thing to share your errands with people around the house.
But it’s another to entrust them to someone else.

Pick Up & Ride Sharing
See how urban mobility helps other families share and schedule their rides. Allow people you can trust to pick up your kids or senior parents
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Homemade Food Sharing
Offer your home-cooked meals to your commuters. It’s a win-win: you’ll make money while your colleagues save on lunch at work and enjoy homemade food.
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Use House Care
Get help with pet sitting and housekeeping in the comfort of your home. BeNear connects trusted contacts for pet and plant care, house cleaning, or anything they may need.
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Split Costs Easily
Split expenses with your commuters when using any shared services.
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Logo BeNear app - share, care, BeBear
  • Logo BeNear app - share, care, BeBear
    • Invite family and friends to be instantly connected — without calls or messages.

    • Get timely updates when family visits favorite places like café, school, work, whatever.

    • Where are your loved ones? Tap, get permission, and find out. It’s that easy.

    • Only you decide who with to share your locations. BeNear respects your privacy.

How it works

Family care is no longer a hassle. See how BeNear helps you easily share things with your family or friends. Imagine zero stress when you run your errands: now it’s real.


Get notifications whenever your nearest and dearest visit selected places. No matter if it’s their favorite café, or school, or office — you’ll see it right in the app.


Use the next level of friends’ connection. BeNear will keep you up to date about their location, so you always know the best meetup spot.

Take me there

BeNear makes finding the right way easier than ever. See the address, click "Take me there", get the route on a map. Forget that copy-paste hassle.


Find your loved ones’ whereabouts in a single place. Need the address of that fancy bar your friend shared last week? BeNear history list will help you remember.

Soon Pick up

Families can help other families with similar daily behaviour. Allows trusted members to help you pick up your family when you can’t.

Why us? Count to three.

BeNear is the lifestyle your family deserves, and here’s why


We truly respect your right to privacy, and that’s why every location sharing is on demand.

Where are you?

Instead of asking this on call, you can tap in BeNear to find out the current location of your loved ones — only with their permission.

Battery-friendly app

Unlike others, this app doesn’t drain your phone’s battery. At the end of the day you’ll have both enough battery power and the peace of mind.

Our team

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Tech Product Experts

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BD & Head of Sales IL

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BI Expert & Data Analyst

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General Advisor

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Negotiaition Strategies Asvisor

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